Tanoto Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Larry Pileggi is proud to be the Tanoto Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon.
He even has a full biography of Sukanto Tanoto on his webpage.
CMU also gave him a full reception to congratulate him for clearing more forests and embezzled 250 millions of taxes from Indonesia.

Larry should know that Tanoto’s kind donation came from making papers out of trees from old natural rainforests. Sukanto Tanoto is the founder and chairman of APRIL, the largest paper mill company in Indonesia that is responsible for clearing a large area of rain forests to produce paper. There is already a campaign by Rainforest Rescue to boycott paper produced by APRIL.

Now, we should have a campaign to make the Professors aware of the greenwashing done by Sukanto Tanoto via kind donation to universities.

Join this petition against Carnegie Mellon to stop accepting money from rainforest destruction :


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