Sukanto Tanoto, the good Samaritan?

Sukanto Tanoto has transformed himself into an angel, the good Samaritan.
That’s what at least China believed.
Tanoto is listed as the best Samaritans:

“Chen’s donations during the period include: 5 million yuan to a poverty-alleviation project in Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province; 3 million yuan to Chinese Language Education Foundation; 5 million yuan to Jiangsu Charity Foundation; 1 million yuan to Jiangsu Overseas Exchanges Association; 1.34 million yuan to Overseas Hearts Project; 658,000 yuan to China Foundation For Poverty Alleviation; 800,000 yuan to disaster-hit area in South China’s Guangdong Province; 1 million yuan to typhoon-hit areas in East China’s Fujian Province. Until now, Tanoto has donated more than 130 million yuan to the mainland. He says it is his duty to do something for his motherland and as an overseas Chinese, he feels proud as China becomes stronger.”

In 2009 Sukanto Tanoto was awarded Overseas Chinese outstanding contributor

In an interview with China Economic Herald, 30 November 2007, Sukanto Tanoto shares his business philosophy of “good for the people, good for the countries in which we operate and good for the company”, and how he is putting that into practice in China.

Look who’s talking? Good for the people, good for the country?
Clearing the rain forests and occupying farmers’ land in Indonesia?

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