Tanoto Ten Commandments

Sukanto Tanoto in his CCTV Dialogue TV show proudly shows his Tanoto ten commandments. He made up a Tanoto Bible that everyone in his house must recite and obey. If anyone cannot remember the rule, he will punish them by making them kneel in front of him and study the vible until they can recite it.

Sukanto is a hypocrit set himself as a high moral person, thou shall not steal and thou shall not destroy the forests and harvest all illegal woods. Thou shall not have bad debts and not pay the debts to bank Mandiri. Thou shall not steal people’s land ! Thou shall not evade tax!


His favorite youngest son Anderson proudly recite it in front of him. Andre inherited the Tanoto Largest mole.


Sukanto happily listening the recital from Anderson.


Imelda was afraid to be asked to recite in front of the audiences


Sukanto proudly shows his house rules carved in his dining room



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