Anderson Tanoto


Anderson Tanoto, known as The Mole, graduated from Deerfield and Wharton in 2011. He is Sukanto favorite son and inherited the Tanoto Mole. He has bigger mole than Sukanto.

He was working as a Consultant at Bain & Company SE Asia, a leading global management consulting firm providing tailored consulting services to MNCs in the region, He worked as a Mole for Tanoto. He has worked on a variety of consumer product and financial services cases in Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia. He plays an active role as the Board of Trustee in Tanoto Foundation initiating a seed funding program for Tanoto Foundation scholars to promote the entrepreneurial spirit. He received his Bachelors of Science in Economics from University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School. Prior to that, Anderson spent his earlier years in Deerfield Academy.

Now it seems that Anderson is handling most of Sukanto Tanoto’s business in Indonesia. As a child, he usually got beaten by Sukanto for not remembering the Tanoto House Rules and Ten Commandments. But as he grew older now Sukanto trusted his busineess and teaches him how to be corrupt.

His favorite sport is racing car. That’s life as a favorite son of a billionaire. Owns a racing car the same as Tommy Suharto, the son of former president of Indonesia. Anderson is on the Asia Racing Team Hall of FAme, apparently he is listed representing Indonesia in Formula Renault Test Drive.

mole-car mole-drive mole-racing


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