Tanoto Foundation

Sukanto Tanoto set out PR campaign to paint him as a philantropist

But why this supposed non-profit organization that does social work has to be listed as an offshore tax haven company in Samoa http://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/171795


Tanoto Foundation is just a money laundering company for Sukanto Tanoto


Imelda Tanoto

Sukanto Tanoto launched a large number of PR campaigns recently. This is to cover up for his bad reputation as exposed by Metta Dharmasaputra in Saksi Kunci

Imelda (princess) Tanoto and the mole Anderson Tanoto set up the Entrepreneurship series at the Program Magister Management Universitas Indonesia with “THE EXTRAORDINARY ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET”.

The same fiction was told that Sukanto Tanoto is a great entreprenur, worshipping him as a god. Attend this eries and Imelda will tell you how you can manipulate tax, and how to setup offshore companies to dodge tax.