Rick Van Lee: Canadian Engineer jailed by Sukanto Tanoto

Rick Van Lee worked for Sukanto as a technical manager for Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper (RAPP) from 2005. he was a hard working man and each year Sukanto presented substantial President/CEO awards to Rick subject to the CARE-program for career advancement, compensation, coaching and communication and as “…a recognition from the Company for your [Rick’s] contribution, commitment, and loyalty…”:

In Feb 2011, Sukanto gave him a bonus of 1 Million USD.

But things turn sour when Rick said he wanted to quit and retire.

Rick was first kept in his home in Kerinci by company security staff of RAPP and from 4 July 2011 Rick was in custody by the police in Pelalawang Jail and  the district attorney detained him in the Pekanbaru Prison on Sumatra, Indonesia. On 4 December 2011 he was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

The only official accusation made by APRIL via RAPP against Rick, is that he has used private data storage media for safekeeping company data during his work and extensive traveling. This is against company rules, but Rick was allowed to do so for the best of the company. The permission was granted each year in writing by the CEO of APRIL, Mr A. J. Devanesan.

Even if his decision to leave the company is a disappointment for the management it can’t be justified to seek revenge in such a manner. Rick was jailed by Sukanto because he wants to quit!

Rick van Lee suffered a stroke while being detained by APRIL and is in very poor health condition. Following the stroke, Rick experienced a severe depression not allowing him to eat or sleep properly. The local police denied Rick medical attention during his first time in jail. Only because of repeated requests by the Canadian Embassy and Rick’s lawyer, the Police have, very reluctantly, at several occasions provided medical treatment in Police Hospitals on Java and on Sumatra in order to keep Rick alive.

Rick was finally released by the pressure of Canadian Embassy. Read it at http://freerickvanlee.wordpress.com/


Rick van Lee suffered a stroke while held prisoner by APRIL and is in very poor health condition


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